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Reduce Office Supply Costs and Manage Head Start Purchases There are certain purchases associated with running an early childhood education program that cannot be neglected. While it is possible to lower supply costs for extra “nice to have” supplies and services, some purchases are required for the daily operation and success of the program. Office supplies are needed to stay on top of paperwork and record-keeping requirements, making them very much an essential purchase. However, it is important to reduce office supply costs whenever you can to ensure that the money for your Head Start program is being used as effectively as possible. One way to accomplish this is through...
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Healthy Eating: Nutritional Tips for Early Education Programs The nutrition that is given to toddlers under the age of three is more important than most people realize. Early education programs, such as Early Head Start, which caters to babies aged three and under, also provides healthy foods and nutrition as part of their educational services. Studies show that babies grow three inches or so every three months, while toddlers grow at about three to five inches throughout an entire year. However, every baby is different, so their nutritional needs may vary from child to child. Food service supplies for programs like Head Start are very important. Head Start administrators often...
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Head Start Budget Cuts: Save With Wholesale Cleaning Supplies One of the most difficult parts of running a Head Start program is dealing with the constant fluctuations in federal funding for this very important early childhood learning service. Head Start budget cuts have plagued the organization in recent years, leaving administrators to scramble and find new ways to save money on basic costs for supplies that are required to run the program. Wholesale janitorial supplies and office supplies from a discount supply source can help, but the biggest change that needs to occur is a change in the way that we approach our purchasing overall. How Supply Source Can Help...