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  Follow Food & Supply Source on Instagram & Facebook to see fresh new menu ideas every Monday! #MenuMonday   —————————————— Ingredients 4 Flour Tortilla 1C Cooked Broccoli, chopped 1C Cooked Chicken, shredded 1C Cheddar Cheese, shredded Directions 1. Heat Skillet on Medium 2. Place tortilla in skillet, top with 1/2 C cheese, chicken, and broccoli 3. Allow cheese to melt and flip until other side of tortilla is crisp   Ingredients 1 Zucchini 1/2 Onion, Diced 10 Cherry Tomatoes halved 1tsp chili powder Salt to taste 1Tbsp Olive Oil 1 15oz Can Black Beans drained and rinsed 12 10″ Tortillas 1 Avocado . . Directions 1. Heat oven to 425*F. Line a baking...
7 Tips for Buying Kitchen Equipment - Food & Supply Source
30 August 2017, by , in blog, Restaurants, Comments off
Building a new kitchen or renovating your current one is a big undertaking. So, before you start picking out new appliances, make sure you’ve done your research and know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.   Not sure where to start? Here are 7 tips for buying kitchen equipment:   1. Plan your menu first. One of the most common mistakes of shopping for new kitchen equipment is wasting your time and money buying things that you don’t need. To help avoid this, before you create a shopping list, plan your menu first. This way, you know what specialty equipment you might want to invest in for your organization and...